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Everyone experiences the world around them in different veils. These Veils signify one’s ability to perceive an experience, idea or other people a certain way.  I experience the world through the veils stemming from my intersectionality with my given background. You will learn my veil, how I see the world, portrayed through my creative work.

Seeking Sanctuary    |    Director & Co - Producer

After the passage of SB 168 in 2019, also known as the “Anti-Sanctuary Bill,” the fear of being deported has increased in the immigrant community. This documentary film aims to highlight the legal, and political factors that offer recourse to the undocumented in Tallahassee Florida.

My Journey to Basketball    |   Videographer & Editor

Filmed, sound mixed, and edited this feature exploring three FSU starting female basketball team players on their journey to the beloved sport. 

Reel for Seminole Sports Magazine   |  Videographer & Editor

A collection of content I filmed and edited for the Seminole Sports Magazine segment on to air Fox Sports Sun every Sunday. 

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